The Trust established the Asset Holding Company (AHC) in 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary company and transferred to it the Settlement Assets in accordance with the Act.  The AHC role is to hold, manage and grow the Settlement Assets in a sustainable way for the benefit of Raukawa ki te Tonga.

The establishment of the AHC is a requirement under the Act.  There are also strong commercial reasons to establish such a vehicle to undertake business activity including isolation of risk, business focus of the AHC and more scope to diversify investments.  

AHC invests the Trust Assets in a number of ways according to its Policies and Plans.  There are certain restrictions on investments under the Act, governing documents and MIO checks and balances.

The AHC pays a dividend to the Trust annually in accordance with its Dividend Policy.  The Trust uses the bulk of this putea for distributions.  Dividend payments over the years are outlined below.

If you want to know more about the AHC and its investments check out the Annual Reports here.