The Trust is pleased to be able to offer annual charitable distributions to its members.  We currently offer two types of distributions:

  1. Distributions for Marae and projects undertaken by raukawa entities; and
  2. Fish Distribution for Marae and Iwi/hapū hui.  

There is flexibility under the Trust Deed to do a broader range of mahi to benefit Iwi members – this will be explored over the coming years as the putea and number of registered members increase and as our strategic direction evolves.

Distributions are based upon meeting the following charitable objectives as outlined in our Trust Deed:

  • Relief of poverty for the benefit of Raukawa ki te Tonga iwi
  • The advancement of education or religion for the benefit of Raukawa ki te Tonga iwi
  • Any other matter that is beneficial to Māori as a people and, in particular, is beneficial to the community of Raukawa ki te Tonga and all the members irrespective of where those members reside

Distributions are guided by the Trust’s Distribution Policy and must only be made to other charitable organisations for charitable purposes that benefit Raukawa ki te Tonga.

Each year the Trust determines:

  • An amount of money to be made available in that financial year; and
  • Priority projects for that financial year.

Call for applications 2018

Application form click on link for application form: Applications 2018

Please click on link for distribution policy for 2018: Distribution Policy 2018

Priorities for Applications:

i) Marae, Iwi and Hapū of Raukawa ki te Tonga

ii) Other Raukawa ki te Tonga entities

iii) Organisations and projects that support and promote Te Reo Māori within Raukawa ki te Tonga

iv) Environmental projects within the rohe of Raukawa ki te Tonga.

v) Projects that benefit future generations of Raukawa ki te Tonga.


The Trust may provide distributions to Marae, Iwi/Hapū and any other Entity Beneficiary, meaning, any organisation whether incorporated or unincorporated that operates for the Charitable Purposes for the benefit of some or all of the Members in the furtherance of the Charitable Purposes. [Pursuant to Deed of Trust 3.2(k)]


Copies of application forms for the 2018 year will be posted here closer to the date of application.