Whare Akuhata


30 September

2 monthly in Ōtaki

for discussion!

Ngāti Huia Ki Katihiku

our registration application will be verified by Hapū or Iwi representatives.

After your registration has been verified you will receive a letter acknowledging that your registration has been processed.

If you have any other questions, email them to the secretary.

Let us know your new address by emailing raukawakitetonga@gmail.com


Adult registered members of Raukawa ki te Tonga.

Each Iwi/Hapū will appoint a Iwi/Hapū Validation Committee and that is their job.

You can register with the Trust by downloading a form here or requesting one from the secretary:

  1. Our website now does e-registrations.  Please CLICK under “Registrations” Register Online on the right hand main menu, OR;
  2. Download our registration form here
  3. You can register online in Te Reo or in English