Update your information – Ko te whakatika kōrero

It is important that we have an up to date details for you so that we can keep you informed. if you have changed your email or address then please let us know via the secretary.


The Raukawa ki te Tonga Trust and Trustees are required on behalf of iwi, hapū and beneficiaries to 

  1. Have and maintain a members’ register 
  2. Make continued efforts to register all members on the register
  3. Appoint an Iwi Validation Committee
  4. Appoint a Membership Committee

The Members Register must include the following:

  1. Name, date of birth and contact details of every member who applies for registration; 
  2. Is available for inspection by the registered members to view their own registration details;
  3. Is available for inspection by a parent, legal guardian or other person standing in the stead of a parent who may review the registration details of any child, ward or other dependent under 18 years of age who are registered by such persons, whichever the case may be;
  4. Records the validated members as registered members after approval by the hapū and/or iwi validators;
  5. Allocates a registration number to each member entered in the Members Register; and
  6. Records the iwi/hapū or marae which the Adult registered member affiliates to.

The iwi, hapū and marae database will be maintained by the Trust Secretary.

Applications for membership may be made to the Trust either electronically or by mail using the Trust Registration form.

Applications must be verified and approved by the relevant Hapū or Iwi Validation Committees. For a list of current Iwi Validators refer to the Validator’s List below.

Hapū appoint hapū validators. A list of appointed hapū validators is maintained by the Trust secretary and recorded on the Hapū Validators list. 

The Membership Committee will address important issues as they arise to ensure the integrity of the Members Register is maintained and yet is flexible to accommodate any new requirements. The Membership Committee may provide recommendations to the Trust. For a list of current Membership Committee members refer to the Sub-committee members list.

Validators’ List

Validators 080818