Ngā mahi kua whakatutukihia

After the Interim Trustees received Fisheries Settlement assets from Te Ohu Kaimoana, the main task was to conduct a postal election. They established an Asset Holding Company, registered with the Charities Commission and opened bank accounts. The Asset Holding Company Directors are appointed by the Trust and they are currently Toarangatira Pomare (Chair), Tom Jamison, Gabrielle Rikihana and Shelley MacRae.

The Trust has established policies to ensure strong Governance and Terms of Reference for the sub-committees.

Each year the Trustees prepare an Annual Plan and work to achieve the goals as identified in the Plan. These are then reported on at the Annual General Meeting and in the Annual report available in February or March each year.

One of the most significant challenges has been to increase the number of registered members. We were fortunate to inherit a register from Te Rūnanga o Raukawa and have worked to increase the numbers and liaise effectively with Marae Committees and Hapū Committees to assist with registering members. We now have over 10,000 registered members and we are keen to continue towards registering 20,000 in the next few years. We need the help of Ngāti Raukawa to achieve this.

We have also been involved with developing relationships with our neighbouring MIO (Mandated Iwi Organisations) mainly on the West coast, and to enter into negotiations with them about various issues relating to in-shore quota, fish plans and ongoing issues of mutual interest.

We have distributed three rounds of financial grants. We also supply fresh fish to marae for hapū hui, at an annual cost of around $15,000.