Trustees 2016: L-R Te Kenehi Teira, Jerald Twomey, Daniel Arapere, Justin Tamihana, Rachael Selby

Ngā Taratī – Trustees for 2016

In March 2016 the Trust welcomed Justin Tamihana as a new Trustee to begin a three year term. Te Kenehi Teira was re-elected unopposed to begin another three year term.  Rachael Selby remains the Chair, with Daniel Arapere and Jerald Twomey continuing their terms as Trustees. Whare Akuhata is the Trust secretary.

Ngā Taratī o Mua – Previous Trustees

The Raukawa ki te Tonga Trust is the Mandated Iwi Organisation [“MIO”] for Raukawa ki te Tonga, and was ratified in 2010.  Interim trustees were then appointed. The registered members elected the first set of seven Trustees in 2011, those being Rachael Selby, Aroha Spinks, Bernadette Arapere, Colin Knox, Rupene Waaka and Te Kenehi Teira.

At the next election in March 2013 four Trustees stood down but after making themselves were re-elected unopposed.  Another election was held in September 2014 when the remaining three trustees stood down, one stood again and two new Trustees were elected unopposed. The latest election was in late 2015 with a new Trustee and a serving Trustee elected unopposed, starting their terms in March 2016.

2015 Trustees: L-R Daniel Arapere, Rachael Selby, Rupene Waaka, Te Kenehi Teira, Jerald Twomey, Aroha Spinks, Colin Knox

The First Elected Trustees: L – R Aroha Spinks, Te Kenehi Teira, Colin Knox, Bernadette Arapere, Rupene Waaka, Rachael Selby, Fiona Wilson